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Gabriel Glas twin pack
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Gabriel Glas twin pack

The glass is the brainchild of Swiss-German wine writer René Gabriel, who developed it with Austrian glass innovator Siegfried Seidl and launched it in 2010. The glass has a unique selling point, as well as ticking the most important boxes for any great glass: it feels great in the hand and on the lip, and makes wine look, smell and taste the best it can. Its singularity lies in the fact that it is a universal glass – a single design that works for red and white wines, be they still, sparkling or sticky.

The standard (“StandArt”) glass is a machine-cut, dishwasher-safe, lead-free crystal glass and weighs in at just 145g.

The Finer Details
Style - Glassware
Country - Austria
Pack Size - 2 Glasses
Glass Size - 145g

The preferred glass we use in our tasting room.
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